My Blue Maxima (10 months old)


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I've had my Blue Maxima since last September's MACNA conference. As some of you know, this clam is in my 29g reef under 165w of PC lighting. I feed phytoplankton every other day.

This picture is not retouched at all, merely resized to 800x600. All the lights were on, and I'd just cleaned the heck out of this tank last night and did a 6 gallon water change in the process.

Unbelieveable vivid color, and I will definitely make a print of this photo to hang on the wall forever! :D And use it for a wallpaper, etc. :lol:

That blue CC is pretty nice too... :D

Do an auto color and auto contrast on photoshop and it will clean that right up. It will actually make the clam look better and someone won't think that you have "enhanced" the colors when it is probably just your light (20Ks?).

Nice clam BTW.
Nice shot,

I have one very similar to that ones coloration. Hopefully he will grow up to be an outstanding gem like yours.:)
The lights are three 50/50 55w PC bulbs. I had to post it because I simply couldn't believe the color the camera captured. It matched my clam perfectly.

My last camera did a good job as well, but not as good as this one.
Well it looks great,

Mine looks very similar in coloration ( in person ) however I have yet to be able to duplicate it in a photo.
Here is a little adjustment to the color. CC looks whiter and the clam looks just as attractive. :) Such wonderful colors on this clam I must say.