My current build

Honestly, I’m wondering if the diameter of the hole is large enough to make a significant impact as a siphon break. You’d be surprised how quickly a small hole can get plugged up. Additionally, the siphon break works best when using a U-tube style siphon. With a straight vertical drain pipe, the siphon break is not quite as effective with a small hole
I’ll definitely test it before I fill with rodi. That’s just my starting point. I can always go bigger
Got the bar up! I’m going to add a T brace on top too make it more secure
Bacterial bloom is in full effect. Bacteria snot is growing on the rocks.


Also, I’ve decided to run my zeovit reactor but I’m not doing the zeovit method on this tank. Just housing bacteria.

Ok, started dosing some Sno to pull the free floating bacterial from the water column. Started looking a little clearer after the first dose. Did a second dose this morning and I can see the macro algae in the refugium now! Once it clears up I’ll start dosing ammonia, bacteria, and nopox in small doses to keep the bacteria active.