My first Clam pic, opinions?


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I just bought this clam yesterday from a local reefer. This is my first clam. Sorry about the poor image quality, it's from a cheap camera. Anyways, how does this clam look?
The clam looks good!!!

Was he attached to rock when you purchased him??
No, it was not atttached to a rock, but there appears to be some rubble attached to the foot area. I am going to keep in on my sandbed for a little while, before moving it to my rocks while it adjusts to my lighting. The only thing that worries me, which I somehow didn't notice when I bought it, is that it is very slightly bleached in the center of the mantle. You can kind of see it in the picture. Should I be worried about this? P.S. The color on the picture turned out really bad, the clam is more of a purple color.
The bleahing should go away with the correct lighting and time as long as the clams stays healthy.
I got a crocea that had slight bleaching in the center of the mantel between the inlet and outlet siphons, at the store he was only under PC lighting. After about a month under my mh's he colored up nicely.
That is very good to hear. Other than the slight bleaching, the clam appears very healthy. I fed it DT's today, which should help, as it is still pretty small (under 3").