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Hello Live aquaria.

I have a Scribbled Angelfish that is supposed to be delivered to me today. Typically Fedex Delivers here at 9:45am or 4:45pm. Well the fish is not here yet, and I am concerned that it will be in the truck too long. I know that these fish are packed extremely well, but if the fish does not get here until later this afternoon, say around 5:00 will it be ok? This is really stressing me out. But I am sure the fish is packed as to withstand a few extra hours in transport. Please tell me that I am correct.



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Thank you for your post. While we understand your concern, our fish are packed with plenty of oxygen. Your package is out for delivery and you should not experience any trouble with the health of the Scribbled Angelfish. Please let us know if you have any problems when the fish is received.

Dallas M.
Drs. Foster & Smith


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fed xex never gets to my house with live delieveries before LATE LATE did i say LATE afternoon and i have never had an issue with anyfish from LA especially DD


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Ok, sorry to freak out everyone.
I am just used to getting my fish early.

Thanks for the reassurance agreeive?fish



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dont worry, ive had fedex delay my packages for a day because they missed their flights for "mechanical issues" but the fish are usually fine with plenty of oxygen