My Upgrade ..180 Build


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Took way more time then thought ( waiting on the Jebao order ) . But gave me time to find other goodies to upgrade.

So the past 2 yrs have gotten me back into Reefing. Jumped back in with a 40 Breeder. Quickly jumped to a 125 . ( I look for months for a 180 ). And Decided I hated the 18" front to back of the 125. 9 months later . I found me a 180. woo hoo.

So I struck a deal with a fellow reefer. Build me a stands & I'll give you the 125 Turn key .

Found a great size sump for my plans

Needed a Mac Daddy Skimmer , So I picked up this SRO-5000int

Got some paint work done.

laid down 3 coats of stain.

decided I wanted it to Shine. So Laid down some Poly.

the 180 had to go into the same spot as the 125.. So I had to setup a holding tank. And Brute cans full of Water & rock . No Fish Are harmed in this Photo.


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Laid out the goodies.

Had a friend come over for 30 mins, to help pull one tank out & set the 180 in place.

got the plumbing done.

Setup The ATO & Power heads.

Got the Rock work Done & Set the VERY angry corals in place.


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Got my 2 BRS Doser pumps I still have to setup . The Jugs got damaged in shipping , So I ordered The Slim line containers. So I'll be taking a break today.


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sweet setup, have you tried rotating the skimmer?, then you can push the body up closer to the filter socks and have room to get to the ball valve if you need to in a hurry. also if you want to quiet it down a 1 1/4" T will fit in it's output. any reason you went with wp25's instead of the 40's? it may not be enough flow for the 180.