Nano Tank Placement Advice


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I'm new to the hobby and hoping to grow a LPS oriented tank...any advice you can give will be really appreciated and will change the way I start the tank.

Here is how the tank looks right now, it has been up for a month:


The little rocks down around the base of the pillars will go in a month or so...using them to seed the main display.

Right now I have a yellow watchman goby and a anemone pistol shrimp. I'm planning on getting a pair of onyx clowns for the tank. Total tank volume is 18G (advertised as 22G).

Right now the tank flow is moderate and lighting is with T5, I'm hoping to get a MP10 vortech in the next few months. The tank is in the bedroom so I can't get a noisy skimmer.I'd like to get a hammer coral, maybe a galaxea and some ricordia. Xenia and GSP look really pretty but is it possible to avoid things that will rapidly overgrow the tank?

Sorry for the wall of text, I'm excited about this, but I really need the help.


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If you're looking at Euphyllia (eg. frogspawn, torch, hammer) then you can have them all touching if you want. Just make sure to keep any other coral far away from them. How many watts is that light strip?


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Cool. LPS it is. I picked up my 1st Frogspawn this past weekend. Beautiful coral...he doesn't seem to like flow at all though...


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You'll be ok with most LPS if not all. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Will be fine. PLENTY of light. May also keep some SPS if you want.