Nanocube or BioCube , That is the quest ! * First nano*

Avalanche Wolf

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We are going to buy a Nano for the wifes office . Needs to be as maint free as possible and compact.

The top two we are looking at are the ...

6g Nanocube of JBJ

Size, Lunar lights

only 1 light bulb, style on the hood

8 Gallon Bio Cube Nano Reef Aquarium by Oceanic

Pros :

Dual Lights , Lunar , 2 gallons more / more stable , Overall style

5o bucks more , Slighting larger size overall

Any input greatly appericated.

Avalanche Wolf

New member
The foot print on the JBJ 12 is the same as the Oceaninc 14 which is too big.

I stayed up way too late last night researching.

THe JBJ 6 and the Ocen 8 have the exact same size which will fit on the side table it is going on.

The 8 has dual lights , dual filter intakes ( high and low / JBJ only has one on top) , it is 8.9gallons compared to the 6 of the JBJ. Might be alittle more money but for the added volume without the added size and better equipment seems like the Oceanic is worth the bank for the buck.

But still going to continue the research.....Haste in this hobby makes Fianancal waste in this hobby, Learn that one way too many times with my 100g reef

Kellie in CA

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Just got my BioCube 8. Love it! It looks great, and everything is good quality. Just a few minor mods and it will be perfect!