ne1 have advice on moving a salt water tank so my fish dont die!?

im gonna be moving soon. yay!!!!!but the only prob is im so afraid our salt water fish might die:( can anyone give me any advice@all on how 2 move them safely?its only a 20 gallon tank with a chocolate chip starfish and 2 clown fish and a few hermit crabs and snails i think the clown fish will be ok im worried about the move 4 the starfish and also..... will my mantis shrimp be ok?we have him in a 10 gallon tank if anyone has any suggestions on how i can make it a more comfy move 4 them pleeeeease let me know....thanx!.....starr
I moved an entire 50 gallon tank of live rock, live sand, some corals, a pygmy angel and a sand sifter star to my house. It was a 4 hour+ drive to get everything here.

I wrapped the LR in wet newspaper, then put it all in a lawn bag, then in an unused larrge rubbermaid container (it was I think a 40-50 gal container with lid).

The live sand we left in the tank with just enough water in the tank to keep it all wet.

The corals (mushrooms) that were left I also wrapped in wet newspaper and bagged them on their own.

The pygmu angel and sifter star went into a good sized tupperware, with tank water in it which I would open on occasion during the drive and agitate the water for aeration. They both made it home in great condition and the star is alive and kicking. The angel took flying lessons about 2 months later and ended up as a cat treat.

When we got home, we set the tank up, rinsed off the live rock.. filled the tank up with 1/2 of the original water (which we had brough down with us in 5 gal jugs) and 1/2 newly made salt RO water. Then I set the rock up, and turned everything on again. The tank didn't cycle and everything is still alive!

I don't know if thats the right way to do it. I didn't know anything about SW tanks at the time, but that seemed to be the least stressful, common sense way to do it at the time amd it worked for me.
for the ten gallon, just empty it half way, and more it that way... just be careful not to drop it and put it on solid things... i've had to move mine around a couple of times...
(its only about 50 lbs half full...)