Need Help With Old Vertex IN-250 Skimmer


Hi Everyone.
I was gifted a (mostly unused) Vertex Aquaristik protein skimmer. I think this skimmer is from ~2010ish. Based on the measurements, I think it's the Gen-3 IN-250 model.

Q1: Can anyone find an owner's manual or any docs online for this skimmer?
Q2: Does anyone have a clue what pump I can buy for this? A DC pump?

I have a 225gal this (gifted) skimmer could be a great fit for... if I can figure out how to get it up and running.

Thanks. Stay salty.


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Pretty sure those used a Sedra pump. Maybe Sedra KSP 9000 would do that size body. Here's a picture of the original pump I found but of course it has a Vertex sticker on it.



So I found an old thread in the old forums for "Vertex Skimmer club" and I think I have either the Gen-2 or Gen-3 IN-250 model.
The Gen-1 models seemed to require a 90 degree elbow fitting for an opening higher up in the skimmer.
I measured my skimmer and I have a 1.25" opening that starts 2" off the base- which seems to align with the Gen-2/Gen-3 model. As far as I can tell.

I was considering (if it ever comes back in stock) the Varios-6S DC skimmer pump as a replacement pump. The specs seem close to the original, plus it gives me the DC options. The Varios-6S model has a 1.25" outlet, so I'm assuming that will fit the 1.25" opening in the skimmer body. Also comes with a bracket so can be side-mounted 90 degrees- so may not have to go full-blown MacGyver... if I'm lucky.

Thoughts? Crazy??