Need quick advice on sump - please!


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So I glued my baffles in on Sunday, it is now 48 hours later and they are more than dry. Did a leak test and I have 3 leaks.


The red circles indicate where the leaks are... unfortunately they are all on the side that I was working from, probably why they leak in the corners. They are slow leaks but leaks none the less. The DT drains in the the drain section, overflows into the fuge section, overflows into the return section.

How important is it to seal these leaks? Like I said they are slow leaks, the strength of the baffles appear to be good because I pulled on them quite a bit with water filled in that particular section.

My reasoning being since water is flowing and is filling the following chambers, why do they have to be absolutely sealed?

Any help is greatly appreciated, looking for an answer tonight! Under a huge time constraint and I have a busy schedule for the next 2 weeks.


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When i made mine, i hada couple slow leaks but i used it anyways. Never have noticed any unwanted operation from it.


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Silicone wont bond to acrylic only glass. Not sure what you used. I used acrylic panels on my sump and the held just fine. Im sure its not a big deal if theres a tiny little leak I would just be concerned the mostly in the fuge area. Any leak could possibly leak sand out and could possibly be sucked up into the pump and damaging it..


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Acrylic baffles are fine as long as you went 1/4".

Don't worry about the leaks. Mine leak in the same spot. There's a trick I learned after I made mine. Apply the silicone to the sump & then slide the baffle in place.

Anyways, the only time I notice it is when the return pump is off. It slowly levels out then. Otherwise, all 3 sections are at totally different water levels.


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Phew thanks, I was worried this could set things back quite a bit. Like I said I don't have another 24 hours right now because I'm orchestrating a move of furniture and a tank over a weekend span, plus trying to finish this tank before the deadline on top of work and what not =(

Thanks guys I'm going to leave it for now.

Oh and I used acrylic in glass, my LFS does the same thing in their 250g sump so I figured why not. Not sure the thickness