new crocea pic


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Whell every time someone gets their first clam they have to post a pic here. So why shouldnt I? I have had it for 3 days now and it seems to be happy.
Nice Crocea you got there!!

Got a top down shot? That would be neat! Best of luck with it!

Is that silica sand you are using? How is it treating you?
yes it is silica sand, I haven't noticed any problems with it. Is there any down sides to silica sand? I have had my tank set up since july 2002. I am now going through an algae bloom but I think that is due to my recent upgrade from actinic VHO's too 10k MH and a little more feeding.
the main downside to the silica sand is it will scratch the tank really bad if you get any under your algae magnet.


by the way,
nice clam