New Hippopus clam & Question on Max


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Just wanted to show you my new Hippopus clam

Also a question on the Max next to it. It opens fine earlier in the day but by 4-5 oââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢clock it looks like this. Is it getting to much light or ? or is it a goner I had it for a couple of weeks and it just started doing this any suggestions
BTW lighting is 400w M/H 65k he is down anout 25" on thae bottom sand bed I have other calam and they seem fine inclunding a smaller Max and Squamosa
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Beautiful hipppopus! This one really has the trade marks of this kind on the shell (the reddish stripes). Really need more information on the max. I do not like maxs on sand (IMO)! Their filter system can get clogged very easy which will lead to them dying.


Hey Ken!
I like the hippo!
I assume you checked you max for snails right? It may have kept a hichhicker or two.
Also, and I am no expert as you know, but what about putting it up on the rocks, don't max's want/need to drill their foot into something solid? What about your other clam the blue with the gold is it still doing good?
To me that is the thing with clams, sometimes you really don't know if they are happy or what they are doing. My Deresa was half opened for about 2 days, then the next day fully opened like always, go figure.
Oh and BTW I do think it is too much light, you should get that clam over to me ASAP before you do any more damage!!!:D :D
Thanks for the replies
As far as more info
Tank Params
don't test for phos
I feed DT's about 3 times a week
Golden pearls about the same (4 smallest sizes)

225g Tank 72" x 24" x 30"
100g Refugium/Sump w/ Mangroves
6" DSB in main Tank with 12" DSB in refugium
3 65w LOA Fitures on reverse cycle
3 400w M/H 65k-10k-65k
2 160 VHO actinics
ETSS Gemini 800 Skimmer w/ Mag 24
Geo style DIY calcium Reactor
Mag 1800 and Quiet One for Return
4 Maxi Jet 1200 & 3 Maxi Jet 900 for Circulation
Aquanetics 1/2 hp Chiller to keep it all Cool
All run with Aqua Controller II

Anything else?

Also My other Max that is only abot 1.5" is doing fine
no snails as far as I can see I have checked