New holes


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I bought a 2.5 inch maxima recently and for some reason, it had not done well but it still survives. A few days after purchase I noticed it had developed a hole which is about 3/4 cm diameter right above the incurrent siphon. The following day I saw another smaller hole just above it making 4 total holes (including the two siphons) the mantle was retracted and was gaping. I have two 3-inch croceas in there and both are doing great with awesome mantle extension. It has been a week since the appearance of the first hole and the clam is still alive. I noticed that the holes are starting to shrink (heal?). The clam is extending its mantle wider and the coloration (a nice blue-teal with brown lacing) is coming back. I am hoping it will overcome this crisis, it is a beautiful clam and I don't want to lose it. I don't know what to do to help the clam but I continue to feed them with phytoplankton. The clams are under a 250w MH with VHO supplement.
My question: Does anyone know what happened in this clam? Anyone with similar event? Please help.:confused:
Thanks for your response Eric. I am pleased to report that the clam had recovered, the 2 holes have completely closed (healed) and the mantle is nicely extending. The incurrent siphon is no longer gaping and it has a brisk response to shadows. I am very please with the recovery of this clam which I thought was a gonner. I almost gave up on it and actually thought of "ending it's suffering." I am glad I didn't. Whatever caused the holes will prolly remain a mystery. No one knows.