New Tank New Fish Need Advice


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I'm starting up a 180gal 6ft long tank in the next month. Around 120 lbs live rock and will have some leathers, zoas and mushrooms
So I need know which fish to add in what order. I would like the following, in what order should I add and do you think they are compatible?

1. humuhumunukunukuapua'a
2. niger trigger
3. Snowflake eel
4.Majestic Angel
5. Blueface Angel
6. Kole Tang
7. Orange Shoulder Tang?
8. Maybe a few small Azure Damsels?
9. Maybe Dogface puffer?



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That is a lot of bioload and large fish for a 120g 6' long tank. I would consider cutting out a few of the large fish. Also, the angels will most likely nip at and/or eat soft corals such as the ones you listed.