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I've been keeping Thumper, my 4.5" O. s., in a 20 gallon tank with a hang-on fuge, a small power filter, and a skimmer. The tank has uncontrolled algae problems despite weekly water changes. So, I'm in the process of upgrading.

I'm going to have a 30S (36x12x16) with the same skimmer, but with a 10 gallon fuge full of macroalgae (chaetomorpha and gracilaria) plus sand, mud, and rubble. What's cool is that in the new fuge, I'm going to be keeping... G. smithii! I found one at the LFS some time ago and decided the little guy would be perfect for the 10gal.

I'll post pics once I have everything together.

In the meanwhile, I'm wondering if the two beasties will smell each other?



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I've wondered that too and I imagine that they would look for/try to avoid eachother, but once they realize that they aren't near eachother would probably ignore it. But that is just guessing....



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I would imagine it would be fine. it would be the same as if you had two mantids in a divided tank.

im sure they would smell each other but probably wouldnt be worried about it for the reasons mentioned.


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I think that after they determined that there was no other stomatopod in their tank, they would just come to accept the smell as part of the environemnt.