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Hey Fellow Reefers

Just found this forum tonight and wanted to test the waters so to speak. I've been playing around with saltwater tanks for about 5 years now and have been doing it pretty much solo. A lot of reading online. Active on another forum but most of the folks are spread all over the country. I live in Coral Springs and am considering joining FMAS just to meet like minded folks, swap frags, etc.

My entire story is posted on another forum and way too long to duplicate here. It's up to something like 56 pages and over 12000 views but I'll show you where I'm at in my latest project.

Frontal view of a customized 150 gal stock tank.


I drilled the back myself for the CL system. Cut the weir in the back for an external overflow myself. The top brace is a ONE PIECE Euro brace. I didn't cut that myself. The glass company that did got it right on the 4th try. They lost money on that deal. LOL

A peek into the Fish Room. This is 3 pics stitched together that didn't exactly go together right but I think you can get the idea.


Oceans Motions 4 way
RO / Salt mixing station
Shelfs on the right will be for a frag tank and a refugium
Sump is 2 29 gal tanks connected together

I just tore down several systems to make this one and so I have lots of stuff to sell but that will be another post


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welcome to fmas. Tank and set up looks great. Looking forward to meeting you.


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I can't wait till it's done. Just ordered the PFO Solaris LED lighting for it.
I dont know if I could. Most likely my next tank will have them if and only if they compare in PAR.
The new H4 series is suppose tp produce PAR light output levels equal to a 400W MH 20k - I run 3 of them(400 20k's)
PFO has shown thus far they have created the ultimate lighting system. I've actually seen one first hand as one of my friends runs it in a 150 and so far so good, they do all that they claim, will c down the road in terms of color and growth, I'm still a little bit skeptical.
Keep us posted on those lights.


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I'd be afraid to go with the H4's at this point in time. It's twice the heat and I'm not sure if that has been adequately dealt with yet. This came from one of their "test mules".


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Yes it's a different name. I don't want to get into any kind of "forum" war and I'm new here. Is it ethical to post my name and a link to another forum here?