New to HQI lighting..10000K to 20000k question


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I've had a 150 watt hqi 10,000k light along with 2 65 watt actinics for about 3 months now. The tank is doing great. 1 of my BTA's just split my hammer and frogspawn are growing new buds like crazy, I'm just starting to get the purple coralline algea on my glass it's been growing on my rocks and snails for a while. So everything is going fine. I decided to buy a 20,000K HQI 150w because I didn't really like the coloring with the 10,000K. Well I put the 20K in and absolutly love the coloring. IMO it makes the tank look much better. I'm just worried about my clams and corals. Will this switch effect there overall health and growth rate? I know the growth rate may slow down a little but what about the health and longevity of the clams and corals? Will it effect corralline growth? Any responses would be appreciated
It wont affect health but growth will be cut back. Coralline doesnt usually like intense light anyway so it might help out.
blown is right, higher kelvin rating looks better but corals do not grow as fast. you might want to try 14k or 15k bulbs next time, they have a decent mix of both growth and color.
Thanks for the responses. As long as it doesn't effect their health I'll just keep the 20K. I don't really mind if it takes them longer to grow. You really can't beat the look. Maybe I will buy a 15K and see what that looks like in the tank. Thanks again
I don't know but twice now, went from 10k to 14k then back to 10k. I don't think I'll ever buy anything other but 10k. Everything else just looks too dim to me.
Yeh it does look dim but anytime you leave from 10K to a higher spectrum it will look dimmer that's kinda the point. To change the color from that bright yellow to a dimmer blueish color. I think it looks great but it does look alot darker but not dark enough for me to worry. I love the look and from what I hear it won't effect the corals health only it will slow down there growth rate which is fine for me
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The eye percieves blue light as less bright.

that may be it. :confused: u coming over today?