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i am currently in the process of upgrading my lighting. i want to keep clams. what sort of lighting system is good for them? what sort of clams should i look at as beginner friendly?
IMO youll definately want MH's, and preferably 250s especially if this is for the 90 in your sig.

Squamosa and derasa are rather hardy, but if your parameters are okay and you have the light and a mature tank you would be fine going with a maxi or crocea right off the back most likely.


thanks. any ideas on exactly what lighting set up i should get for the 90g? i am looking to spend about 600 bucks, and i dont want a diy or a retrofit. also, how will i keep the temperature down? i keep it at 79f now, and a chiller is not an option. a precise equipment list would be greatly appreciated. :)
Do you have a canopy you can put some Metal halides in? If no, Id do an aquaspacelight fixture. It would be a about $850, but it has two DE 10ks, and actinics in a nice pendent.
i have no canopy, and i live in an apartment that would not be pleased if i hung pendants from the ceiling. what are my other options?
RogerL said:
i have no canopy, and i live in an apartment that would not be pleased if i hung pendants from the ceiling. what are my other options?

Hmm. Build or buy a canopy would be my first choice. Not sure where you could even buy one though.

You can hang the above mentioned pendent from the wall woith their wall hanging brackets.

There are a few pre made metal halide systems, like by PFO>

One good option would be 2x250 10K MH with 2x55 actinic. Lots of different ways to accomplish that. Sounds like you just need to shop around a bit. The sponsors area is a good place to start. seems to have a good rep.

What kind of clams will I be able to keep with 660 watts of vho lighting and 2 175 watts mh's on a 125 gallon tank. I want to get a blue rim squasamo and maybe an ultra maxima.

I think it would have been more appropriate to start your own thread rather than hijack someone elses but to answer your question, your lighting is enough to keep any clam you want but with only 175W halides, I would keep any maximas or croceas in the upper 1/2 of the tank.
Thanks, I did start my own thread, and i didn't get much of a response on what i could keep, but that i should upgrade to 250's???? I am not concerned with upgrading, bc this will not be a dedicated clam tank but rather a soft coral tank with a few clams. I think by question benefits roger by letting him know that 660 watts of vho with 2 175 watt mh's will be enough lighting to maintain the clams of his choosing, and this would make a great thread when a new RCer is searching to find out what kind of different setups would work. The thread i started wouldn't help much of anyone, and the threads i have found when searching RC for clam lighting weren't much help to me. Again I thank you for your response, and would like to ask another question that I believe will be benificial to roger and myself.

My lfs store says to never put a clam anywhere in the tank on the substrate to prevent falling, what is the best method to place a clam on the rocks to prevent it from falling? I have seen pics of clams on pvc pipe, but that looks rather ugly. I'm sure roger would like your expert opinion also.

Thank you, once again,