Newish tank qualms...


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Howdy yall!!
So, I have had a 180 gallon salt water fish tank for a little over a year now. My boyfriend and I bought the tank together and shortly after decided we needed a hietaous from one another. I wasn't around when he set up the tank so I don't really know much about any of the tools that co-inside with it, and he isn't the patient type so asking for his help is just frustrating for the both of us. Also, I have most of the equipment and stuff I need so my local fish store just seems annoyed with my questions. So, hopefully one of y'all can be helpful!:spin1:
Here's my issues:
Our filter every so often makes this weird rattiling noise and won't work. It happens almost every night for an hr or two. Do we need new parts for the filter, or does this just generally mean it's time for a new one; if so what is a good choice?
How often should I clean my tank? I have done very little maitenece in my tank over the last year, but I just got new fish and I want to make sure everyone has a happy life in there! I want my tank to be clean and the water to be healthy, I'm just not sure how much maitenece is required.
I know these may seem like silly questions (they feel rather silly typing) but I need help and everyone I know to ask just seems to be getting frustrated with me... I love my fish tank and could just sit in front of it and enjoy it all day, so I want to make sure it's right and my fish are healthy!! Thanks for reading, and any advice that ensues... :wave:


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That sound could be a million things. I would take off your filter and give it a good cleaning. Make sure that there is not a snail stuck in it. Also sand or a small rock will do the same thing at making that sound. Also look at the fins on it make sure that they all look good and none of them are broken off. That should give you something to look at but Im sure there will be others that will give you some more help.


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sorry trying to follow along it when a pump turns on and does it only happen when it turns on... i guess i am asking is what kind of filter are we talking about


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Make sure you have all the parts. I have a 305 for my freshwater and I was missing the impeller shaft. They all have shafts. If yours broke you might want to replace the shaft and the impeller at the same time.