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I would like to do a workshop for making our own fish food. I will go to the store and buy all the squid, clams, spirulina powder, etc.. we can let it marinate in the goods at the meeting while we bring our blenders, then package it up in cubes and freeze it.. ppl can come pick it up the next day when its frozen.

what you guys think? i can start collecting borneman/calfo's recipes online...
I'm in....always wanted to make a recipe, but my wife would kill me if I used the blender for fish food...LOL
Where will it get frozen? Do you mean you will lay the money out initially then whoever is in will split the cost? Sounds good to me.
I really want you to do a DIY esp the airstone skimmer thing. Although this one sounds interesting too, especially the idea of buying stuff in bulk people could spilt costs. However, Wasn't there some talk about the meeting being at a public school?
I don't really follow a recipe, I just go to the fish market, and the bait shop, pick up what ever's around, and gring it all up. I do like to add Nori to the mix, and I normally use Selcon in the water as it thaws. In all honesty, I've come to find that making my own fish food is very time consuming, and I think the best thing in it is Cyclop-Eeze. I've taken to buying the Cyclop-Eeze in large blocks, and adding some frozen Mysid, and what ever Les has in the freezer at the time.
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where is the meeting this month? i have been out of the loop for a little while.

Mods if you can make next meeting thread a sticky please?

Also, we'll have enough to do at this next meeting at the school and I wouldn't want to trash the place with fish guts flyin' around, but we could certainly do it for the May meeting, so we could consider it the topic for the May meeting.
I think Joe just told me to stick it! :lmao:
Consider it done :D
Atlantis will provide the frozen cyclops, frozen rotifers, frozen shrimp, frozen mysis.
There is also squid, clam and a variety of fish available as well if someone has a recipe.
Virginia MArine Scincde Museum Fish Gelatin Recipe

4 Tablespoons Marine Fish Flake
6 rounded tablespoons spirulina powder
40 ml selco
2 teaspoons powdered vitamins
12 oz cut fish
12 oz krill or shrimp
6 whole squid with no pen /or whole clams with the liquid
8 oz fresh (spinach, brocolli tops dried peas)
2 cups fresh parsley or kale
4 oz choped carrots
1 cup trout chow
8 oz or more unflavored gelatin
500 ml water
add 1st 7 ingrediantslisted into the blender. Blend until uniform
soften trout chow in i cup water. Set aside
slowly add vegetables to blender. Add water very sparingly to keep blender moving
blend until very uniform with NO chunks. There should be a slight color change to light green
add softened trout chow. Blen until uniform
PLace 1 gallon pot with 500 ml of water on stove with high heat.
Add gelatin very slowly while stirring. Break chunks of gelatin against the side of the pot untill all gelatin is added and mixture is completely uniform
continue to cook until gelatin mixture has thickeneed. A spoon drawn through should leave a trail for a seond or 2 before clsing
Remove from heat source
Add green mixture to gelatin all at once
Stir quickly and thoroughly. There should be no visible chunks or lines in the gelatin
pour mixture into a 9" x !2" tray
tap lightly to release air bubbles
Chill Overnight