Nice pic of an O scyllarus


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Attached is a shot of my 4.5 in O scyllarus. My kids and I collect small rock crabs, hermit crabs, and snails from the beachs south of San Francisco and feed them to her. It is amazing how agressive she is to anything that goes in the tank. Enjoy the pic....
Saddam is alive !!

Saddam is alive !!

well - i finally cought him after 2 months and a loss of many Chromies .. he is now in jail .. he is sitting in ISO in a vace ..

any one want him ..speek up by the end of the weekend .. other wise .. he will be destin to be come chum !!!
Was that the big green mantis at Tropical Paradise about a month or so ago?? If so, I have a couple pictures of him too. He looked great and I had to snap a few pics... I couldn't take him home but he was very photogenic so I captured a few shots. Let me know if it's him and I'll post up his pics for you.
Hey Brian,

Naw... KRussel has had his for a few months already.

The one that Tropical Paradise had a couple weeks ago was the largest I've seen in a while. You should post that pic! I thought that one looked great! It was about 6" or more and from the coloration I guessed that it was a male. It had a really thick body and tail and long smashers.


I saw that one at Tropical Paridise as well and would love to see a pic or two. That one was a full inch or more bigger than mine with some really long smashers. They also had a yellow one at the same time. It really made me want to set up a few more tanks....