o2manyfish - 750g 2 month since filled status update and some memories of Jake Adams


Here is the 2 month update on the new 750g tank. The day after taking this video I added about 35 of what I call doinker fish. Doinkers are the inexpensive fish that add so much life and movement to the tank and yet you don't really think about them. This batch of Doinkers included firefish, blennies, damsels and cardinals.

In addition we added a Lineatus wrasse thanks to Eric from Amoung the Reef. The Linneatus spent a day making sure everyone in the tank knew he was the biggest fish and then settled in and started eating just about everything we have thrown in the tank.

Lots of coral additions in the last few weeks. A coral show locally brought home almost 40 frags and then we picked up some corals from some people shutting down their tanks. Starting to get corals spread throughout the tank.

Dave B