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I made it out to Hershel's today and got some pics of his tank. He has a 280 gallon acrylic tank. Also when you get to the bottom of his steps to the basement where the tank is he has a 400 gallon pond. This is a very impressive setup and definitly shows the time and effort that he puts into it. I was very impressed as I had heard I would be, as soon as I left I wanted to go back and look again!!! I am upset that a lot of the coral pictures I took did not turn out the way I had expected but that just means I will have to visit again.

This tank with the lighting makes it hard to take pics. It will take some time to get some good ones, unfortunatly it wasn't until close to my time to leave that we started snapping pics. Anyway here is what I have for now.










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Not too happy with the pictures but I wanted everyone to get a glimpse of what he has going on. Next time I will take more time to get some better shots.


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Fantastic setup, Hershel!

The layout is great and it looks like everything was very well thought out. I also really like how you have everything labeled and dated.

Sweet Koi pond too!


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where is the pic of the magic black book he has

i was super impressed with his setup

i love the auto water change
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Looks Awesome hershel. I gotta see this in person. Great job:rollface:


I can't believe you have a pond in your basement Herschel!:eek1: very cool :thumbsup:

Kevin, don't be too hard on yourself, you've got some pretty nice shots in there, especially if you were taking them in a hurry. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of Herschel's system.


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One of the cleanest systems I have seen. When is the BBQ and Kevin didnt even get a shot of his 3/4 acrea pond!


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Now that is what Im talking about!!!! :)

I thought it might have been to dark by the time you got out there.

Ocean View

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You guy's are killing me.
I just copied everyone else's great Ideal's.
But thanks for the compliments.
Mike the pond is stocked with Bass and bluegill. That gives both big kids and little kids something to fish for.
The pond in the house came about because I could not get plant's to grow in that spot, So I decided to try fish the rest as they say is history.
Kevin thanks for taking the time to take and post the pictures.