Omg $4,089 For A Skimmer!!


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YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! No way are people spending $1000-$4089 for a protien skimmer... I am speachless. Holy ****.
Specifically the Bubble King. Do you know in 2001 I bought a brand new car for $5995 and people are spending $4000 on a skimmer!!!?!!? Hold on I just found a BK for $8400.
I am so disturbed right now. I find this to be outrageous, greedy, selfish; this is obsurd. This kind of money to spend on skimmer, god thats a lot of disposable income.
Do you want me to tell you how I really feel about this.

Now, the question, who is going to admit to buying these? anybody? please enlighten me. Actually, THERE IS NO REASON TO ENLIGHTEN ME BECAUSE THERE IS NO REASON TO SPEND THIS KIND OF MONEY ON A SKIMMER.
I know this isn't my business, and I'm not trying to pry in anyones.


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I know that I am not enough of a "hard-core" reefer to spend that much on a skimmer. But I guess that if you had the mans to do a huge setup with a heavy bioload a large skimmer would be a good investment.


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Whats your point??? They are over-priced maybe but don't buy them then. Why are you getting so worked up over OTHER people spending THEIR money on what they want to?

Personally I spent about $1000 on my skimmer and thats as much as I would go. I don't feel its worth spending that much on a Bubble King personally but I spend a lot of money on other things other may not think is worth it. For example, I just paid over $12 000 for a set of Barcelona Chairs and a LC4 Chaise lounge chair. Many people would think thats crazy, I think I got a great deal.


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If I had the money for an $8,000 skimmer I would be proud of it. It's not like people who make that kind of money didn't work hard to get where they are.


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People invest as much as they want into any hobby. I can't see anythin wrong in getting what you want if you can afford it. I wish I could!


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It's all relative. I make more than $400,000 a year, so am I going to blink before spending $10,000 on part of a hobby I care for? Is it that much worse than having two $100k+ cars in my garage? I'm just kidding I'm a poor college kid but I'm sure theres enough people out there in those shoes to make it worthwhile for the manufacturer...


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Actually, your frame of reference is very influenced by how much money you make.

For example, for someone that can't even pay their rent or feed their children, they might see the money you spend on your tank as ridiculous. It all depends on your personal income level.



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The governor of New York paid $31,000 for one night with a hooker. I guess it's all relative...


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Well, I have to agree, to someone buying a 4k skimmer, let's all hope its not a hardship or they need some help. Yeah maybe there are better things to do with the money in someone else's eyes, but in theirs I'm sure its all good. Heaven knows what we spend on computers in this household would make some people take offense, but everyone has their "thing" to spend money on.

Assuming it's not a hardship, people spend what they can and want. I've seen people bawk over the price of a $3 ball valve so I guess it works the other way as well...


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I spend a good amount of money on this hobby. I could see myself getting one if I saved up. It's better to buy the best equipment upfront instead of upgrading 3 or 4 times IMO.

I don't use skimmers though. :D