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I have a 80gal deep blue rimless under 2 radion gen 2's.The tank is a year old.Everything is doing good in the tank.Its a mixed reef with fish.About a month ago I rearranged some rock work and shortly after got diatoms on the sand bed and a small hair algea outbreak.The diatoms are gone but the hair algea is still lingering.Keep in mind I already had both these outbreaks early on and they disappeared.I have not changed anything I have been doing.I feed rods once a day.Once a week I feed the corals 1/2 tsp of oyster feast,phyto feast,1/4 tsp of coral vibrance and 20 drops of coral amino.I dose kalk+2 in my ato at 1tsp/gal.I run a cup each of rowaphos and carbon in separate reactors.My numbers are cal(425)alk(8.57)mag(1300)ph(8.3)po4(0)nitrate(0)salinity(1.025)temp(80.8).First where is the hair algea coming from?Second how do my numbers look?Do I need to increase my kalk dosage?Last I do a 5gal water change once a week.Sorry for such a long post I'm just frustrated.