Orange Disc coral


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We have an Orange Disc coral that we've had for about 3 weeks. We noticed some bruising when we first bought it. Last night we noticed that in one of the bruise spots there is actually something living in it, it looks like a tiny crab... not sure though. Anybody else seen anything like this? What should we do?
This is not all that uncommon.

While I can't say for sure becuase there is no picture:

Generally it will not hurt the coral. However if some type of fan worm or something the tube part might get bigger as time goes by. May be an eyesore but likely will not harm the coral.
Right on, I appreciate the advice. It's definately not a worm of any sort... looks just like a tiny crab, maybe half the size of a BB in diameter. I can sit there and watch it eating small debris that lands on the coral near it. It probably mostly resembles a emerald crab, only a lot smaller.