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I would like to order some sea grasses but;

1. can't find anyone selling it right now. Is it seasonal?
2. no one is aqua culturing it that I can find.
3. I don't know how well it ships or if there is a time of the year its chances of survival would be greater.
4. I only want to buy aquaculture specimens.

your experience and advice wanted.


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It is definitely harder to ship in the winter when it's cold out, this may be why it isn't really available now. You can check the stickied thread in this forum about places to buy plants/algae and I believe there are a few that have seagrass. Whether or not it is aquacultured I don't know


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Probably the only way you are going to find aquacultured plants is if you buy them out of someone else's tank. You can get plants in the winter but it is probably better to wait for spring as the plants in the wild can be leggy in the winter. I got my turtle grass in the winter and my 6+ inch sand bed was not deep enough to plant the rhizomes.

Good luck with your search and if you find aquacultured plants be sure to let us know.



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Have you checked the links in the sticky at the top of his forum? Seacrop has Halophila, and possibly Halodule.

Florida Pets will have Thallasia soon

Billsreef has some grasses

Gulfcoast has some.

You'll have to call to check availabiltiy, shipping ability ( winter is hard to ship ), and whether or not its aquacultured. Problem is there arent alot of people into grasses yet so demand isnt very high, and because there arent alo t of people growing it, aquacultured livestock is slow to come and there usually isnt a whole lot avilable.