OT . . . Does anywhere still fix TV's?


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Lightning just took out my 37" plasma wall mount and of course I didnt buy the extended warranty. I think I can file with my homeowners, but the deductable is 500 or so and its such a PITA to get anywhere with them

Is there anywhere left that can still fix a TV? I figure if it costs me 4-500 to fix thats still the same or better than my deductable and I dont have to jump through hoops.

A brand new one will set me back 1200 +

wow..yeah, I don't know about fixing plasma, but I would DEFINITELY make sure whoever you take it to has a good track record for repairing plasma TVs.
4-500 should get you a good size LCD at Wally World. What trade in credit would you give for a 26" LCD HDTV for your 75g?
depending on the brand and age, I might be open for some trade. Millvy has dibs on the skimmer though

Is it widecreen?
I bought my Sony HD TV through Sound Advice and took out the extended warranty because they also "cleaned and tuned" it once a year at no additional charge. The tech that has been coming out (same one every year - this is great!) told me they also do repairs out of warranty if needed. You may want to try them, I've been very pleased with them, the techs seem to really know their stuff.
good call, sound advice charges top dollar, but Ive always had great service from them and I do have a sound advice account
It's a Magnavox 26" widescreen, bought around last August. Also have 40" Samsung but waiting on a bigger tank to trade with LOL.
you can call 888 best buy they offer a repair service. what was the brand
i worked at bb for 5 yrs i can tell you what may happen.
i'd look on ebay for the same model with a shattered screen then ya have one for parts

replacing the guts is the easy part, finding the parts at a decent price is the hard part.

or u can also try Jersey Jim Towers on Us 19, they do repairs there. (I dont know about Tampa)
Thanks guys, I'll call around once I get the new tank set-up.

Weve got another HDTV in the living room, but the den was kinda like the media room with all the goodies where the majic happens LOL