oxigen question


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I want to leave my skimmer off for 24 hours to let a biological additive work. I have a single 30 gal with no sump or overflow. My skimmer is a aquac remora hang on so it has the return as a waterfall back to the tank. I am assuming that helps add oxigen to the system. without that running will the tank oxigen levels be ok for 24 hours?? I have 2 powerheads moving water around


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how many fish do you have? how powerfull is the powerheads?
generally i think 2 powerheads in a 30g should be good for 24hrs depending on what fish you have.I would also monitor them very closely .

Roy G. Biv

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Just aim the powerhead so it just starts to ripple the top of the water. You could also aim the powerhead directly at the front glass, water will bounce off and ripple the water.

Randy Holmes-Farley

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I expect it will be fine for 24 h if you have reasonable flow in the tank. With decreased aeration, you may find the pH changes substantially since equilibration of carbon dioxide between the tank and the room air is promoted strongly by most skimmers.