Ozone for Tunze 240/3 skimmer.


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Hi Roger, I will be adding a Red Sea 200 Ozonizer to my 240/3 skimmer on a 180 reef, and wanted to know the best way to hook it up. I am thinking that I will use the thinner tube to hook the airline up to, and plug the larger air opening. I will have a small pump moving the ozone into the smaller air tubing. Does this sound reasonable? Also, what should I expect from adding Ozone to this particular skimmer, good or bad?

I have also seen an ad for a 245/3 skimmer? What is the difference?

Adding ozone destroys protein rather than removing it and I recommend a seperate reactor. Small quantities say 3mg/hr might increase performance if their is high levels of cellulose but otherwise it detracts from skimming. If you want to hook it up to the Tunze that is what the little brown ports under the cup are for, I would use no more than 5mg/hr. This is an accomodation for aid in Nitrogenous waste poisoning prevention/removal and not meant for use as a reactor, though the plastic is Ozone safe. My suggestion is get a crappy little wood airstone driven skimmer for your reactor and run it full bore while using a redox controller and a carbon filter. You really should have an air dryer to get peak performance. If you haven't bought an Ozonizer yet I would look in to Sanders, cheaper, better, and very easy to repair, almost indestructible. For a Redox controller Tunze offers one but I understand the Milwaukee unit is good for the money. For an Air Dryer Sanders has these and don't let anyone kid you into believing ozone generators work well without them, it simply is not true. I like the Sanders because it is always rebuildable and nothing fancy just a plain old fashioned Ozone generator that works.