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I am looking at adding ozone to my tank. Does anyone have links to threads discussing it and comparisons of units? What unit would be the best choice. My current tank is smaller, 50 gallons. I have a 180 in the works so eventually I would need a larger and a smaller unit. I plan to inject through the skimmer. I am also looking at upgrading to a controller that does orp also.

Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.




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I have the 200 mg unit by redsea and i love it.
Keeps my water crystal clear and ORP reading are 430-470 since i installed it.
The unit is connected to an ATI BUBBLE MASTER 200 skimmer.


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Build a reactor instead of using your skimmer if you can. Especially if you have an expensive skimmer. My Bubblemaster started turning yellow after a few months (about 7 I think). Eventually they harden and crack...takes a long time but not worth it when you can build a simple reactor from PVC.

If you do use your skimmer make sure its all ozone safe. For example on my bubblemaster I had to change all the air intake tubing to neoprene to make sure it does not end up cracking and leaking ozone into my apartment.