Picky Cardinal


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I picked up a Hi Fin Cardinal last week. Typically I feed Spectrum pellets 4 days a week. The other 3 days I feed a mixture of mysis with Rod's original. The Cardinal will not touch the pellets. Should I continue my pellet/frozen rotation and just hope he'll catch on? I have to be careful about over-feeding as my filtration is limited in my setup.


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alot of times they wont touch pellets at all.. i have 7 that wont touch a pellet but love frozen.

block head

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I had one switch from frozen to spectrum. Rods really has no place in a reef. It' s a breeding formula ( supermarket seafood\ not really breeding specific) rod was great at marketing. He got famous breeding clowns . He basically stole another breeders line and ran with it. Large systems can tolerate overfeeding. The man, and his products have little redeemable qualities.

Paul B

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I don't know Rod and never used his food but pellets are not a good food for anything. Go with frozen or live blackworms. I have 5 cardinals and they are all spawning as is almost all my fish.


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Cardinals are more a nocturnal fish, so feeding them in the evening might be better. I like the spectrum food and have seen amazing health from those that eat it. My trouble is it's not neutrally bouyant; it sinks to fast to train mid water fish who pick food out of the water all day (plantivours). Training to a baster is good step if the hungry eaters and be kept busy. PE mysids and cyclopeze in the evening after the main lights go off might be a good bet; in the meanwhile try shaving some frozen shrimp with a cheese grater. I'm not a huge fan of using the fish monger's offerings, but if a little shaved shrimp gets a picky eater going its worth it for a while.


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My bangais, I have several iincuding a breeding pair have done well for several years on a mix of frozen mysis, brine ,bllodworms and cyclopeeze. They do feed mostly at night so a little led lunar light can be helpful . The manadarins like this too. I broadcst feed the entire system 2x per day at around 2pm and 7;30 pm There is also a good bit zooxplankton it the water most of the time and some naturally occurring pods ;I don't use mechanical filters , ie , socks and such.