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I stopped in to T.A. today as I was just passing down the street...decided to drop in and enjoyed talking with the lady working there. John was not in so she couldn't give me a price on the one thing of note I saw....some very nice hot pink zoos. She asked that I call back for a quote after 3pm when John would be back. I feel obligated to pass on how rude that guy is. I told him who I was and why I called only to get a long, pregnant pause followed by a curt, "Two hundred for the large......One hundred twenty five on the small". (est. @ about 50 polyps and 15 polyps respectively) I rechecked the price to make sure I heard correctly to get the reply "For the pinks....yeah that's right.....if you can get them better I'll buy them...". My reply was "You bet I can get them for a better price....So you'll buy some?"....Of course he wouldn't stating "No...I've got a good connect already".
My interpretation...If he is indeed getting them at a good price then his pricing is not only a's insulting and borders on criminal. The attitude was pathetic....I guess the little Yorkie peed on his Post Toasties today.....a customer shold be paid to be subjected to such a jerk. Yellow Tangs also selling @44.99!!!!!
The last one I bought from Scott @Oddballs was only 30$ and I've seen them in the past week for just over that at 2 other places local. Tulsa Aquatics is a disgrace to the hobby and insulting to my intelligence.
My nickels worth on that!
I'm banned for life. (Still not sure why)

I have talked to many other people who are as well. A club is currently forming; we will have t-shirts soon. ;)
I LOVE TULSA AQUATICS.John really knows what he is talking about.hes the smartest cat in town when it come to corals and chiclids.LOL Im a proud member of the banned club.
I banned myself from going there. ;)

I wish he was a little more open minded to people. Maybe he would lighten up. In general though, he obviously has a lot to learn. The hobby is changing in front of his eyes and he seems completely oblivious to it.
Everybody lighten up! The guy's ahead of his time by keeping stony corals under PCs. Jealousy reeks thick around here... :D
<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=6975520#post6975520 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by TheMcs
Everybody lighten up! The guy's ahead of his time by keeping stony corals under PCs. Jealousy reeks thick around here... :D

I must have taken a step back by down grading to a metal halide :lmao: I guess I need to try to start pushing boundaries with normal output T8 lights ;)
I have been in there once and that was too many times. That man is the rudest person I have ever encountered. I will never step foot in that store again. (And hopefully noone that I have talked to about the incident will ever set foot in there either!)
I thought the were closed down. Everytime I have went by there they were closed. Oh well, the times I had been in there I wasnt impressed.

once i went in and asked him check the salinity of water sample. he set down his cigarette, and popped open my container of water. then he dipped his finger into the water and smeared it (and all of the dust, skin, and nicotine) onto his refractometer.

then he promptly told me that my salinity was too high.

i'm not sure if he was testing salinity or nicotine levels in my sample.

i think that was the last time i was in there...

the problem is that there are places like that all over. even here in LA, there's a shop with the same reputation.

well.... that was the first store we ever got fish from... that was when they were across the street from corals and reefs...they were just starting out... my brother hated (john) because he always called cody "sweety" the lady was nice.... well we became friends.... I was into killer agressive predatory fish....well I was in 3grade I think... he said peacock cichlids were killer (s...u...r..e) :rolleyes: but we got them... he was all proud of his manaquense cichlid (jaquar cichlid from central america) and he had 2 crenicichla (probably johanna pikes (also cichlids) the lady was obsessed with tetras....well we were "faithful" customers intil they got into saltwater and had a new store... the man got annoying (funny thing is I was smarter then him about most fish he got and he NEVER had a good selection of fish) the last time we went in there was when I had my 2 silver arowanas (got them from scott when he worked in southern ag.) my mom got really into a yellow seahorse they had...well they told us they could have a 10 gal. tank and we only needed a week to cycle it...(well I have never had salt...neither did anybody else in our family... that is when I started to research about them) well we had a week to cycle the water.. .went in and bought the seahorse... for a while he was perfect and was in good condition... I noticed that his dorsal fin was damaged making him incapable of swimming (he would never swim) so he was almost incapable of eating... we didn't know that (I guessed on it) well we started to target feed him mysis and brine shrimp... well one day (a little while after we got him) he was dead... seriously tore up my mom... they evidentaly gave us false informatin and a emaciated...injured seahorse... haven't gone in there since...

Can I spread my 22 seconds out over a weekly period and set up a payment plan? Is there an allotted discount for blinking?


I can't stand the guy and I'm glad we all agree on something without having to take a poll. Maybe we should take a poll " How many people would be in the hobby if he was all we had" I''ll say none I think it's obvious that he has made a nice bed for himself with all of the salt owners around. I would shop at Petco before stepping through his door.
By the way - would you ask for a discount at WalMart too???? I am sooooo tired of "hey, if I buy 44 seconds could you cut me a break?". What is it about this industry that people think they can get deals constantly!?!?!??!?!
O come on now Scott! Where's you're heart....about 30%+ of a doctors time is done giving away his/her services ( for those who don't do %'s well that's "FREE" ) but last time I had plumbing done I don't remember going over the bill with the guy and marking through 30% ( or any for that matter ) that was his "giveaway".
Ok so I had to go check the actual zoas. Come to find out I have $160 ones, mine do look a little better than his. I will start fragging at $25 a polyp!! Such a great deal.
Such a steal!!! At that price I want the whole colony. In fact they are so great I'll pay double per