Please help answer my question. Droped my coral


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I bought coral and drop em in the toilet by mistake no chemicals where in the I the toilet but it has chlorinated fresh water will it kill them even if I took them out in 3 second there softy coral will it survie
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The quick toilet dip shouldn't worry them too much, i'm not going to ask what you were doing with them in the toilet as this is a child friendly site.........


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:facepalm: :lmao:
Buy a pitcher to use instead of dumping the water out of the bag over the toilet. Or do it over the sink or something.

No idea if that quick of contact with chlorinated will hurt them or not.


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Momentary exposure to relatively low levels of chlorine (or momentary exposure to a pretty extreme difference in osmotic pressure) probably won't do any serious damage.


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LOL! That's one thing that is so great about a site where hundreds of people post. You read the darndest things!!!

I think the old "3 second" rule applies here. Not that you should eat something that fell in the toilet, but that your coral should be OK :D.

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If you could plumb your reef system into your toilet, you would only need to add a light over the toilet!! Just think of how easy water changes would be!! ***flush*** Done! Lmao

And yes, your corals should be fine!


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Haha. They should be fine. Pet stores sell specimen containers for like 5$ hahaha! I guess maybe scoop the water out next time instead of dumping it? Lol