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jim norris

In Memoriam
Last night Barry (Toptank) email me a picture of one of the most AWESOME maximas I have ever seen! As most know I have seen thousands of clams. Barry You MUST show everyone a picture of that maxima and remember if it does not go into your show tank then that guy must come to Texas!
P.S. your welcome too!
JUST sharing these clams picture as I thought that they were worth while sharing with clam hobbyist like myself.
WOW!!! Hey, those clams wouldn't happen to be for sale, would they?:rolleyes: So tell me, how much did this ad cost anyhow?
Are those farm raised? Do they selectively breed for certain patterns. I wonder if they will patent certain colors like they do with freshwater Discus?

WOW! :thumbsup: I've got an idea of what you can put on the left side of your tank to compliment that Palau Squamosa that's on the right side. Those are amazing. They aren't farm raised are they? You should get a few of those in 2"- 4" sizes and then don't tell anyone but ME! :D
those are awesome. didn't see them on the website for sale though. i need to get dsl so i can have clamsdirect up all the time in hopes of getting some of these sweet clams
As far as being farmed, I honestly could not tell you. I know they came from Tonga.

If you would like to have any more question answered, please e-mail me or send a PM as I can not let this appear to be a advertising piece. Just really wanted to share this awesome beautiful clam to to other clam lovers like myself.

Not open for further replies.