Porcupine puffer question?


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Can 2 porcupine puffers be in the same tank? How can you tell if one is male or female? If they can be in the same tank how big does it need to be?
I had two porcupine puffers in the same tank 55-gal tank back in Indiana, during my college years. I was hurting for money so much, that I just used apartment tap water (give it 24hours to let the chlorine dissipate into the air first.) So water quality is not a huge issue for these guys, the are pretty hearty. Looking back on it, I can't believe these guys lived.

There was no problem with compatability, however we never had any idea about the male or female issue. Plan on devoting your tank just to the puffers. Of course you can't put any invertebrates in there, or they will eat them. And they are certainly not reef safe. But the fish were pretty cool for following your finger go around the glass and tend to be more of a "personality" fish. Of course they blow up as you probably already know, it's amazing to see. I think they did it about once or twice a month, even if they aren't harassed.

Another thing to warn you about, these guys eat and crap like cows. You will need a good way to filter the water. Probably plan on investing in krill mostly. These guys will grow rather rapidly in a year or so. We got ours when he was about 5" long and he grew to about 7 or 8" in about a years time. Which begins to get too small for a 55 gal. Good luck taking on this adventure if you decide to do so. Just heads about what it's going to take...


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