Preventative iodine dip?


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Once my tank is stable for a month or two, I plan on beginning my corals by adding zoos. I have read all the forums and am determined to do as much as possible to keep flatworms and nudi's out of my tank. I know one can treat infestations with Lugol's Plus, but would it be bad to treat before adding to the tank to begin with? Could that hurt a coral that is already stressed from shipping or transport from store? I have heard that it is ok to do a quick dip-swish-dip between acclimation and introduction to tank. Any opinions?
I think you should be alright doing that. I actually use kent Tech-I and treat the whole tank. Thing is, if you plan on keeping clams, you gotta be careful. I try to keep my iodine as close to natural seawater as possible (according to the test I have it is about .06mg/L). If you don't plan on testing for iodine, then just go with the dip. I wouldn't advise dosing your tank with it unless you plan on testing for it.
Thanks Whiteshark,

I do plan on keeping clams, but not for months yet.

I am pretty squeamish regarding worms and slugs and things, and don't relish the thought that I may have to spend hours picking them out of the rock in my tank.