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My husband wrote about this the other day, ccolt...the shippers called today to say that they do not have a courier for this area, which I thought was strange because we received a package Airborne Express two weeks ago? Anyway, they've decided to send it to us through regular mail, which is fine.

The problem is that she told me that the bottom of the box was soaked so she opened it to see what was leaking. She was going to add water to the rock & mud (which would have not been saltwater of course, she told me she didn't know anything about that).

They are going to re-package it and mail it, says I should have it here in the mail by Friday.

When we went to order this shipment, I actually chose the UPS ground and it was automatically switched to Airborne. I know that there is no way that your business could of known the problems that our area has with these shippers, but they are saying it is your fault for not knowing that Rapid Package?? doesn't ship to this area???

Please let me know what I can do to help this rock & mud in case it has completely leaked to save any life in it, and also, what if they did add tap water??? Will it kill everything???

Thank you,
Hi Stacey,

Sorry to hear of all the problems. I never head of Rapid express, so not sure what they are doing with the delivery. If they put some freshwater over the rock it will be okay, but if they packed it in water then that will kill everything. We do not ship it in water, it's shipped dry. The crude might have some water but just enough to keep it damp. So i would say most likely the rock is going to be good, but the crude is probably what they would of rebagged, so if it's full of water, i would say it's toast and we'll refund your money if they did.

On the switch from UPS to airborne, airborne is our shipper right now, must of missed the big note i put on at checkout. The online program shows UPS, but have a note that it's going airborne, there isn't an airborne shipping module for the shopping cart program. So UPS and fedex is switched to airborne automatically. So that will be normal practice until we get the module, so please email after you order and mention using UPS or Fedex instead since airborne doesn't seem to support your area.

Let me know how things come in.

I'm sorry it took me so long to respond, been busy with my 3 tanks. Everything arrived fine, there were a lot of dead things in the rock (smelled horrible) but I think I got most of it weeded out. We've had a bit of an ammonia spike since added the rock, so I'm still searching. Thank you for your reply though, it made me feel a lot better. I would love to order more, I'm very impressed with the rubble. I will make sure to email as soon as I purchase anything though to make sure that it is shipped by someone who covers our area. Thanks so much again!!! Stacey :D