Problem with JArduino. Advice please?


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Hey all.

Well this has been a slow process with school and all but I have been trying to get my Jarduino to work for a few weeks now. I have followed the instructions explicitly, with no deviations, and despite this I get a blank screen on the touchscreen.

The only thing that is different right now, is that after I entered my temp sensor code, I did remove it. I'm not thinking this is necessary to be plugged in in order to make the screen work. Please let me know if otherwise.

right now, it's just a normal stack, with one proto card that does nothing but connect the bottom board to the top board. all the components of this stack are prebuilt except my proto board, and I have the rtc module hooked up correctly.

I cleared the eeprom, changed the sensor ident, and uploaded the jarduino files.

Any suggestions or ideas on how to troubleshoot where ive gone wrong?