Protein skimmer issue


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Hey folks,

I finally invested in a protein skimmer and ditched my HOB filter. The problem is, it won't fit with my full hood I have! Any suggestions? I would prefer to not have to shell out more money if at all possible.

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Dan Robbins

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Is your lighting integrated into your hood? That would be the problem. I have an 'open' top tank like that have cut a bit of polycarbonate to fit on the top, cutting it to fit around the skimmer and filter. I then have clip on lights which hang above the tank. I have no other suggestion for you i'm afraid!
If you're not keeping corals or live rock, you could get a few cheap compact fluorescent bulb clip on lights from ebay. I had a few one on a small freshwater cube that was running a 9w bulb, cost me something like £10
All the best, Dan


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From where I see it, you have one real option without really investing more money into the equation.. If your light is integrated into your hood, you can build the hood up to the point that it does fit.

Otherwise you could incorporate a semi sump using valves (with fail safe holes) to syphon water into your container holding the protein skimmer and then pumped back into the tank. This option would cost money but realistically not that much.