Pump Noise/Maintenance


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Hi Reefers.
I'm running a Mag 5 and lately its become quite noise. I pulled the pump from my system, clean and checked the parts (which look alright) and then started the pump again. The noise was still there. Any ideas? What can I do to bring the noise back to the level when I first bought the pump? Thanks.
Check the rubber grommets at both ends of the shaft. I bet you find them worn, and the shaft and impeller are rattling in the housing.
Yes, the impeller assembly is easy to replace. It is available many places: Here is one.

However, Mag pumps are known for being loud (and running hot). I have one on my little outdoor pond, but it was too loud (Mag 3) to run as the return pump on my reef, even after replacing the impeller.
I don't have a ton of pump experience...

What flow rate at what height are you looking for? This will help determine the optimal pump.

Also, are you looking for an external or internal pump? The Mag runs either way.

Some that are similar to the Mag5:

ViaAqua 2600
Quiet One 3000
Eheim 1260 (expensive)

I use a ViaAqua 1300 and like it. I will probably upgrade to a 2600 soon as my sump return pump on a 37gal tank.
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I mean I mean is, can you recommend a replacement pump that is quieter?
Eheim 1250.
I'm using it as an internal pump in my sump for a return on my 10 Gal nano. It has about 2 feet to run to the tank.
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I'm using it as an internal pump in my sump for a return on my 10 Gal nano. It has about 2 feet to run to the tank.
In that case, I would use a MUCH smaller pump.
You may want to consider the Via Aqua 1300 then. It is really a powerhead, but is quiet and I have found it dependable. Also inexpensive.

I've used it for a year first internal then externally on my setup. I have it as my sump return pump with 1/2" tubing, with about 3" of height. I probably get about 200 gph of flow from it.
I'm going to see if replacing my impellor for my mag 5 works.
If it doesn't I may trade it out for the viaaqua 2600 or maybe the eheim. (but its expensive and I think it may be to big)