Purple tang


Just thought I should share, went to all pets in pembroke today an one of the guys told me they should be getting a purple tang on Friday that's going for like 200.00 don't know if that's a good price or not but just passing the news just in cause someone was looking for one.


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I have seen many go for $60-$80 at wholesalers. all the time. its when they get to retail that the $100 + starts.


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marine net has them for 100 bucks on a regular basis i paid 125 for mine a few months ago

Thats crazy! Thats almost wholesale price. I usually sell mine for $140-$150 depending on size. And sometimes offer a 10% discount to active FMAS members.

People have to realize the trouble and effort it takes to acquire nice fish. I wake up at 4:45am to be one of the first in line at the wholesalers in order to cherry pick the nicest and healthiest fish possible. Then, I have to take the risk of buying such an expensive fish and hope it doesn't die because its been in a small bag for the last couple days which was transported in the belly of a cold plane. Then the fish is un-bagged and placed in the wholesalers tank, which in turn the very next morning is re-bagged and finally transported to the store. Do I need to mention the amount of stress the fish is under? After all that happens, then its time to start conditioning the fish to captivity. Feeding it various foods such as pellets, frozen brine, mysis, etc. This way, the fish is fat healthy and ready for its final transport into the home aquarium. I go to great lengths to condition the fish because we all know the million dollar question each and every customer asks at a local fish store: "can you feed the fish to see if its eating?"
Well, that actually might be the second question. The first question is: "if I pay you cash, whats the best price you can do?"

God forbid the fish dies, now you have to got through that entire process again but these time actually sell the fish in order to........break even! Yep, no profit what-so-ever. Unfortunate, but often times people don't care wether a local fish store succeeds or not, they just care about buying the fish as cheap as possible.

Not sure why anyone would go through that mission to sell the fish for $100 and only make a $15 profit on a $75 gamble. Well, not really a $15 profit because once you allocate rent, electricity, fixed and variable expenses, you're left with a profit of maybe $2-$4. Makes no business sense in my opinion. Not to mention that it devalues the market price and hurts those that actually have a full blown retail store.


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Lol, welcome to business Jovany......if you can't beat them with price, you gotta beat them with something else. The business triangle.....quality, service, value.....pick the 2 you want to be/have.....but you can't be all 3;)

In my business, it's the first 2:beer: