Question for Tang owners - Brand of Nori?


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For those who feed their tangs Nori from the Asian supermarkets, can you please tell me which brand you use? I can't seem to find any unseasoned nori without preservatives and sea salt.


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Any unseasoned, unroasted kind will do. It will be dried which is fine. There are so many different brands it's hard to say what may be available in your area.

Just ask the clerk for help. ;)


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i used the thick pack that has sushi rolls design in front, i even use roasted ones which they eat like crazy


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This is the stuff I use:



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I'm using apackage called "Hy nori" and matsukai (something like that ) nori .. both they seem to eat..but the package is at least a year old because i wanted to make sushi with it.

edit ..whats so bad about "roasted" nori .. more damaged proteins in the product ?

Btw : even if you bought a package that was roasted/ could feed the fishkeeper, as it's not very pricey


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i couldn't find any unseasoned/unseasoned nori in the 'regular' grocery stores around here, but found a couple at the asian market.

not being versed in the lingo, near as i can tell from the packaging, the brand name is 'Korean-squiggly line-straight line-squiggly-squiggly-circle-slash-exclamation-point'.

i think the hassle w/ roasted nori is that if it's roasted, it's more likely to have had additives/seasonings added during the roasting process. if you can determine that isn't the case, i don't think it being roasted is itself a deal breaker.