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i keep putting my anemone on my live rock and he keeps rolling himself off onto the sand and on its side and i keep having to put him back on the rock why wont he stick?
Anemones are very strange creatures and they will move all over the tank causing hell, you cant just but him where you want him and expect him to stay, they will find the ideal spot, what type have you got, also you ledge may not have enough water flow or to much, mayby your lighting is to bright? also other things may also be causing the reason for you anemone to move and mainly one could be stress!!! or some thing is bovering it... hope this helps :)
Your anemone is moving because he does not like the place you put him, either too much flow, not enough flow, too much light not enough light ect.. They will move around until they find a suitable location for themselves. This is normal and putting him back everytime is just stressing him out even more. Let him find a spot he likes and unfortunatly you have to adapt to his likeing, weather it be out of site, the back of the tank ect.. Or you need to change the tank around to suit his needs
i understand they like to move to a certin spot but even if they are laying on the sand on its side?
yep they will right themselves back up to position when it finds a spot it likes even when it is on its side and in the sand
ok great thanks i was stressing off of it for the longest but i guess i just have to let it do its thing will it be a problem if it comes too close to one of my soft corals or will it work its way around them?
nope it will just walk reight over it stinging it a causing damage.... that is why they are sometimes are the 1st thing you should add to your tank but then you would have an coral less tank for 6-12 months
How long has your tank been up? These creatures need a very stable and pristine tank with very good lighting. Less than this and you will have a very tough time with this anemone.