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I am new to salt water setups and have just started assmebling my parts.. My goal is so to have some coral and a few fish.

I bought a 125 ga (1/2 inch thick glass with custom stand. It was a bit expensive for a used tank but the tank looks amazing with the custom stand. It included the tank and stand 100lbs of crushed rock, 3 containers of salt, testing materials and chemicals, a used Eheim 2217 and Eheim 2229 and some other misc for $750 CND delivered.

The stand I bought looks very unique but does not have any cabinets, though it is open on the backside. The seller suggested casters, but I've read mixed reviews on them. I've found some low profile high weight (600+lbs/each) casters. What are your thoughts on this (I'd prefere to keep everything under the stand which is empty)?

I have read a lot about having the largest volume possible and using a seperate tank as a sump seems like a good way to do this but do you guys think I could manage without this?

I know I need a lot of other equipment including live rock, lights,etc so I was considering buying another used set and selling off the parts I don't use. What do you guys think (since it will likely be cheaper than buying seperately)?

Here is the other used system: $1650 CND
150 gallon tank w/starfire glass (24x24x5') - Sell this later
90 gallon tank (sump) (24x24x48") - sell b/c too big to fit?
Ocean Runner Skimmer (aquamedic ocean runner OR3500)
Calcium Reactor (good for 500 gallon tank) - needs new calcium
Coral View Metal Hal-Lights (2-250's) -needs new bulbs
T 5's (2) w/deflector
Live Rock (approx. 200 pounds)
Crushed coral substrate
Power Heads; pumps; heaters; test kit; salt; mixing tank w/float and pump; extra skimmer; plus more

Is this a smart way to go? Or would you guys suggest buying only what I need seperately? I just got scared away when I saw that MH that are similar seem to sell for about $1000.


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Why not keep the 150 and 90? And buying used is a great way to get into the hobby. Looks like all you really need to get water in it is new bulbs. Maybe a skimmer upgrade?


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First, if you can find a good cabinet maker or carpenter in your area, they should be able to cut out some openings for you amd make you some doors, I woul dhighly recommend running a sump/refugium.

Second, IMO I would suggest just buying what you need as you need it. This way you get what you want and you don't have to go through th ebrain damage to seel off all the misc. stuff you bought and don't need.

I would avoid the caster, that just scares me for some reason.


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I wouldn't use casters either.. It's just one of those things... why move the tank? get it where you want it and leave it there. No need to move it.


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You can definitely go without a sump on something that large, but they are great to have to be able to hide all of your unsightly things like skimmer, heaters, etc. IMO on larger systems unless you do a fairly large sump, adding more water volume is not as valuable as it is on a smaller sump (ie a 10g sump on a 10g system will be a much larger benefit than a 30g sump on a 100g system)


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Thanks for the reply guys.

There are a couple of problems. First, my tank is made of a wood structure coated with a coral surface (it was a custom retail tank), and I don't think there is a way to cut it out without doing some damage to the coral.

Second question, might it still be worth trying to buy some stuff from that second setup listed (ie live rock, lights, calcium reactor, etc)?

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