Quick Dropping Alk


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I have a strange dilemna in my tank right now. I checked today to see what my alk was and it came back really low (1.6 meq/L). So I mixed up some Baking Soda and Baked Baking soda in a container with fresh water until it was clear and poured it in. I got the measurements from the calculator. Alk came right up and maxed out my crappy Red Sea test kit (3.9 meq/L). I know I need a different kit, I just ordered one. So I know my dKH is at least 10.92 since 3.9 meq/L = 10.92dKH. :eek1:

Then, I check it about 4 hours later and its back down to the same 1.6 area. Bummer. I even checked it twice. :mad2:

Any Ideas what would be causing this? My calcium is a little high right now (520) I'm letting it come down on its own.

Here's my setup and params.
45Lbs LR
60LBS of LS (I just added 20lbs more a few days ago)
I'm also running carbon.

Temp 80.3*
Specific Gravity 1.025
Ph 8.4
NO2 0
NH3 0
NO3 0
PO4 0
Ca 520

I dose Calcium Chloride (mixed in FW, then poured in), but I havent added any in a while. I use half regular baking soda and half baked baking soda to not make a big pH change. I also have C-Balance but I haven't used any yet. I have Kalk (pickling lime) that I started dosing overnight slowly tonight.
5% water changes every week (Reef Crystals Salt & RO/DI)
The tank has been up for just over a month, has no fish, a few coral frags, 8 turbo snails, a few hermits, crabs, etc.

I have also noticed in the top corners around the tank is a whiteish colored hard film. I assume it might be some kind of precipitate.

So why is my Alk dropping so fast?:eek2:


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Are you seeing any signs of precipitation? Like a whitish snow effect? If not, I suspect the test kit is not working properly. I'd stop the large doses, at least, until you get a new test kit.

I am somewhat biased, since I had bad experiences with my Red Sea test kits, and had to return them.


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Unless your test kit is bad, the most likely explanation would be your whitish film is CaCO3 precipitation. I would suggest just using baking soda in the future. It won't drop your ph other than a possible temporary very small drop. With really high calcium, a high ph is going to encourage the precipitation.


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Wow, I'm having problems with reading lately. Sigh. I think you'd see more precipitation than that, though, to cause that much change in alkalinity.