raising a protein skimmer+plumbing ???


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Hello everyone,
I will need to raise my protein skimmer and I think I can make a stand out of eggcrate with some help.
Do you raise everything or does the pump stay at the bottom with fittings attached to bring it up to the skimmer?

What can i use to keep the eggcrate together?

I am assuming I would need 3 vertical pieces(2 sides,1middle)
Details welcome

I have both ball and gate valves for my drain lines.
Which should I use if any?

Where exactly are you supposed to drill siphon holes return line(loc-line),drain:hmm4:

How do you take apart loc-line if you accidentally put 2 pieces together that you shouldn't have?

Thank you everyone for reading and hopefully posting,


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Zip ties work well to keep the egg crate together.

You don't need or really want any ball valves on your drain line. If you have a narrow point in your drain and a snail gets in it could clog and overflow. The smallest point should always be the intake part of the drain. You can use ball or gate valves on the return line. You can throttle down your return pump as long as the valve is on the output side of the pump.

Drill a hole so that you can get it under water or so that its in the overflow box pointing down. You want it in such a position that it wont spray water around but sucks air in if power goes out before the sump fills up.

It takes some muscle. They sell a tool that makes it easier but if you just get some elbow grease into it and pull it while bending it you should be able to get them apart.