RB basic led- a way to time And simutAte automatically


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Does anyoneknow how I can attach to a reefbreeder Basic model to simiulate the different effects over riding the knobs? Is there two cords for each chamnel? There for Frag tanks but want to simulate dusk/ dawn etc I don't want to manually have to run in the cellar all the time plus I might be going on my daughters tank eventually. I know the photon does but it's spine the price.
Any thoughts I'd appreciate it how and what to purchase to do so and if it's worth it


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Look in the Chinese led thread in lighting section the photons and value fixtures are just D20 lights with a different branding. Think I saw something in there about what your looking to do. The blues are on a different channel plug and all than the whites, though so you could have two timers so the blues come on then the whites, as far as intensity see above mentioned thread.