Red Haddoni


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Heres a picture of Warrens and my purchase from NERAC. We will be propogating this in 6 to 8 weeks. Its an awesome looking carpet and the pictures and my photography skills dont do it justice. I had never seen one other than in pictures prior to Saturday. Anthony Calfos presentation was the deciding factor for Warren and i to make this purchase.
Justin i sliced 4 up that i was able to get out of my reef. I think im going to do a little propogating of them also. Besides i want the practice before i do the carpet! So the answer would be yes i now have some and they should be healed in a week or so :)
What's the reason for waiting on cutting this one?
You're right, you need to work on your photography skills. That carpet is much more red in person!
It was easy. Did it with a fresh razor blade. Definitely slimy LOL Justin ill have a few for you by the next meeting.
Looks sweet guys! Another couple of hours and it was going home to stay in Rays tank! I don't think that would have ruined his day at all. Good luck with the propagation of that beauty. I think you guys made a good decision on waiting for it to settle in a bit, although I would have loved to witness the first cut.