Reef Dynamics INS300 or Diablo DC 300?


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I am looking for a new in sump skimmer for ~300gal total water volume. No need for a space saving model. Narrowed it down to these two, what do you think?


Reef dynamics are renown for their balance. I can't comment on that model but my euro reef in135 pulled more then any other skimmer I have ever had! And I've had a bunch of skimmers.


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I have had Euroreef skimmers in the past, and with my latest skimmer I thought I would try a SRO 5000INT, I am thinking about going back to the Euroreef style, and that means a Reef Dynamics. The Reef Dynamics will process more water than a comparable SRO and be more stable.....I had some overflow issues with the SRO which I never had with the Euroreef.

My favorite RD models are the recirculating

There is a 10% off coupon code for the rest of March good for Skimmers up to the INS300 and Bio Pellet reactors up to the 250


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Pretty sure I am going reef dynamics, I too have had a euroreef in the past and loved it. The DC pump was tempting though. I really like the fact RD is handmade in the USA and has a new life time warranty. With the 10% coupon I'm 99% there.


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Just placed my order. The guys at Reef Dynamics are super helpful. Went with the INS350 and the BPR250. Christmas in march...


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You will be very happy with that skimmer. I used to use a rd skimmer on my old tank and loved it, will be going back when i upgrade this year.


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running a Reef Dynamics INS350 and am amazed at how stable it is. Great skimmer.



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Congrats I have been to their little factory and seen them build the skimmers there, they were building the INS250's at the time. Jeff was doing some mod work for my old ER skimmers.